The Farmertones

Breaking New Ground In Old Time Music

The Band

The Farmertones is a collection of the metro St. Louis, Missouri area’s finest traditional acoustic stringband musicians. Geoff Seitz and Marc Rennard head up the fiddle section. Curt Buckhannon and his brother Dennis Buckhannon play mandolin and guitar respectively. Dave Landreth plays the banjo. These musicians have been in numerous groups throughout the years including Marc playing in the Geyer Street Sheiks and The Flying Mules; Marc, Geoff, Curt in the Ill-MO Boys; Dave in The Allen Street Stringband, and the current New Bad Habits; Dennis and the rest of the members in the legendary Cousin Curtis and the Cash Rebates. Curt and Dennis also perform as a duo, playing mandolin and guitar favorites.

The band came together to be part of The Farmer Wants a Wife, a nationally broadcast television show. At the first rehearsal, it quickly became apparent that the sound of this grouping of fine musicians warranted a recording. After the filming of the show, the band set in to make a recording and this is the result of that effort. We hope you enjoy!

The Music

American Old-Time Music is exciting music with natural, joyous energy. Born of Celtic, Anglo, Mediterranean, African, Native American and numerous other world cultures, the music is America’s homegrown music and has been played for centuries. Old time music was played at the time of the American Revolution, the dawn of the industrial era, through the darkness of slavery to the civil war and emancipation. This music showed up on early recordings and radio. It was featured on early movies and television.

Old-Time Music is still played to this day, surviving throughout the ages despite the onslaught of popular culture and extreme technology. This music is a thread through the stitch of America’s history as strong and elastic as freedom itself. Players of this music just grab their acoustic instruments and start playing, just as their ancestors did. The music rings true through the ages to the delights of audiences, dancers and players.


Photos by Val Seitz, Geoff Seitz and Ellen Gomez

CD Produced by Geoff Seitz

Recorded April 19, 2008 in Lemay, Missouri

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Robert “Bobby Lee” Belt